Wilmington On Fire Is Finally Here

It’s finally here family! Wilmington On Fire, the riveting and one of the most highly anticipating independent documentary is officially available for the community. This film touches the untold history of one of the most prominent black communities during the late 1800s, Wilmington, NC. This community was destroyed by the corrupt and malicious white supremacist infrastructure through violence, extortion, and deception that demolished black-owned businesses and real estate.

Everett has done an impeccable job conveying the history and details of what happened in Wilmington, North Carolina. This piece of history has been left out of the history books and it’s great that people like him want to share this with the world.

The film featured descendants of the black business owners who shared what they learned about them through their families and how they were wronged and should be owed reparations. Dr. Umar Johnson, a well-known grassroots Pan-Africanist, also makes an appearance to share his thoughts on how the infamous Wilmington Massacre relates to the state of black people today.

Larry Reni Thomas as he discuss the Wilmington 10 and details of the Wilmington Massacre

The Wilmington Massacre was a bloody attack on the African-American community by a heavily armed white mob with the support of the North Carolina Democratic Party on November 10, 1898 in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina. It is considered one of the only successful examples of a coup d’├ętat in the United States that left countless numbers of African-American citizens dead and exiled from the city. This event was the spring board for the white supremacy movement and Jim Crow segregation throughout the state of North Carolina and the American South.

We would like to thank the cast of Wilmington On Fire for their courage and consideration for being a part of this film that we can confidently say will have people glued to their seats as they are fed the history and knowledge of a buried piece of our African American history.

To learn more about the film and where to purchase it please go to the website Wilmington On Fire. You can even text Christopher Everett at 910-378-4357 to get the latest updates on the movement.

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