Wilmington on Fire – Another Sizzling Independent Documentary

Wilmington on Fire - The Blazing Upcoming Documentary

Wilmington on Fire – The Blazing Upcoming Documentary

Great Idea  When you hear the word Wilmington most people would think of Wilmington, Delaware, where all of the top credit card and financial services firms are located. However, Wilmington, North Carolina was a place where black people had a thriving economic structural base. Prior to the 1900s, the black community of Wilmington had a very strong economic presence in America with its successful businesses. They were not struggling contrary to other people’s’ beliefs. Unfortunately, due to the white supremacy movement and the Jim Crow era the black businesses came to its demise as result of the hidden-but-infamous Wilmington Massacre of 1898. The massacre resulted in numerous African-Americans dead by a heavily armed white mob on November 10, 1898 in the port city of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Here are a few clips that introduce some of the people who spoke on behalf of this tragic era.

If you love the well-known and most-wanted independent documentary, Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin, we would advise you to look out for Wilmington on Fire to add to your collection. The movie is supposed to hit the circuit on March 2013, so save the date, follow the movie’s twitter handle,@wilmington1898 in order to keep up with the progress of the film. 

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2 thoughts on “Wilmington on Fire – Another Sizzling Independent Documentary

  1. In Wilmington NC, just before Christmas, A 16 man Law enforcement team consisting of a 10 man SWAT Team and 6 University of NC Police converged on an 18 year old UNARMED suspected PlayStation Thief. Peyton Strickland was killed while the SWAT Team was attempting to use a battering ram on an unlocked front door. One Sheriff Deputy thought he had heard gunfire as the battering ram hit the door. So he fired three shots through a closed door, killing the young man . No other deputies at the scene, mistook the sounds as gunfire. My Question is should this deputy be charged with 2nd degree murder or involuntary manslaughter? Also can he be charged with Federal Excessive use of force laws resulting in death which carries a life sentence???