Wilmington On Fire the new movement and why you need to support it


The untold black historical documentary Wilmington on Fire is getting closer to completion. I have been an avid supporter of this film from its early stages. This is a film where you can learn an important piece of Black American history that is hard to find in the library, school, even college level African-American courses.

Wilmington on Fire is a feature-length documentary that will give a historical and present day look at the Wilmington Massacre of 1898. The film features interviews from historians, authors, activists and descendants of the victims of the Wilmington Massacre of 1898. Wilmington on Fire will talk about things such as: African-American progress after slavery, African-American’s in Wilmington prior to the 1898 massacre, The Wilmington Massacre of 1898, Reparations, African-American history in Wilmington, The state of North Carolina’s involvement in the massacre of 1898, The Black community in Wilmington today. 

Dr. Umar Johnson, one of our most independent, charismatic, an influential orators of this time is in the film as well. I had the opportunity to speak to him and be in this brother’s presence and you can feel the energy and the words during his lectures and appearances.

Tariq Nasheed, best-selling author and producer of the hit documentaries, Hidden Colors 1 and 2, is one of the executive producers of this film as well.  


It doesn’t take much to be part of the movement. You can donate $10+ and make sure you share this post with your friends. To play your part click on Kickstarter to support!


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