Wendell Pierce actor from The Wire opens supermarket chain for residents of New Orleans


If you are a fan of the HBO hit series, “The Wire”, you should be familiar with actor Wendell Pierce who played the tactful detective, “The Bunk” who cracked down on the drug dealers. Black Urban Media is happy to salute him for taking on another venture that is helping the black community of New Orleans. 

Wendell Pierce is a New Orleans native and it’s good that he’s giving back to his community. Hurricane Katrina put a severe hurt for the black community in New Orleans and “The Bunk” wanted to help his old neighborhood of Pontchartrain Park, an historic enclave for middle-class blacks.

Wendell Pierce founded the the nonprofit Pontchartrain Park Community Development Corp. with a goal of replacing hundreds of flood-ravaged, 1950s-era houses with new homes. 

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That’s what’s up Bunk!

The Bunk isn’t the only actor from The Wire who’s doing positive things for the black community.

JamieHectorWe have Jamie Hector who played “Marlo” who founded Moving Mountains Inc., an organization that motivate and educate the youth via performing arts.


Tray Chaney who played “Poot” is producing hip hop music that gives positive messages to the community. You can check out one of his songs below that’s dedicated to the AIDS victims throughout the world called “Live” that  was produce by Lamar Tyler of Tyler New Media. 

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