Shorty Lo’s Reality Show “All My Babies Mamas”

Atlanta Rapper - Shorty Lo

                                    Atlanta Rapper – Shorty Lo

Atlanta has been the city where all of the film and entertainment industries have flocked to. Television companies such as Bravo and VH1 have capitalized in the Reality TV world with shows like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, the Real Housewives of Atlanta, TI and Tiny’s Family Hustle, and now Oxygen gave Atlanta rapper, Shorty Lo, gets his own reality show.

The name of his show is called, “All My Baby Mamas”. The show is based on Shorty Lo’s life as a dad to his 11 children and dealing with his 10 baby mothers (Decline the whole concept sounds rachet). Check out the TV pilot for the show.

The producers of Oxygen went out their way to make the show rachet with the labels they gave Shorty Lo’s baby mothers. However, they had volunteers for it, so we can’t blame Oxygen solely for that. However, Shorty Lo’s situation isn’t different from the polygamous marriages that occur in Africa and throughout the Middle East, but behavior and how it’s viewed is totally different. Unfortunately, I don’t see polygamy legalized in the US. In my opinion it should be optional for the people who can handle it financially and emotionally. The conflicts that men and women in this country would have about polygamy is the financial responsibility for men and the potential sexual and emotional exploitation for women. To top it off, Shorty Lo has a 19-year-old girlfriend who is almost the same age of one of his daughters. It’s obvious that this show will be full of drama and rachetness!

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