RHOA News: Kordell Stewart files for divorce from Porsha

Kordell and Porsha Stewart

It looks like Kordell and Porsha Stewarts union is about to be dissolved. According to the Fulton County Court, Kordell has filed for a divorce petition on March 22.

The reason for this sudden change of heart? Allegedly, Kordell stated in the divorce petition that the marriage is irretrievably broken. 

They just taped the Reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and this news comes up. Of course the estranged couple are being silent about the divorce, but I’m sure that everything will come to light.

Some people might feel that it was due to the backlash the couple had to face from the media and other people judging how they operate in their marriage.

Porsha professed her content and happiness of being a housewife where her husband controls and runs the finances. This didn’t sit well with most women since the majority of them aren’t housewives and they have to contribute financially in their household. 

Kordell had to face numerous allegations that questioned his sexual preference since the show aired. I’m sure that had to mess with his head for awhile.

Wendy Williams did warn Porsha during the mid-season of the show that Reality TV shows have a tendency of ruining peoples’ relationships and lives. Hopefully, this decision was only impulsive and they’ll work it out; until then everybody stay tuned.

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