Ray J comes out with the “I Hit It First” Video

Everyone should be familiar with the latest Ray J, “I Hit It First” track. It was humorous to some people, but insulting to others. I’m not going to lie the song is funny to me, but at the same time I think it’s pretty lame to have a catty dis song that’s allegedly aimed at his former flame, Kim Kardashian. She’s with Kayne West right now and we don’t know if they’ll be together for the long run, but we wish them the best. 

He might as well pull a Kayne move and interrupt them on there wedding ceremony by standing in the middle of the pulpit and say, “Ayo Kayne and Kim I’m really happy for you, but I want everyone to know that I hit it first, I hit it first!”(shrugs his shoulders and walk off).

Here’s the video everyone! 



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