Rapper Two Chains Got Two Bracelets from the Maryland Police



Two Chains arrested

On Valentine’s Day you would think that love was in the air. Unfortunately, for the hip hop artist, Two Chains, he got a Valentine’s day gift that no one would want from the police, two stainless steel bracelets. 

The Southern rapper was heading to the University of Maryland to perform Valentine’s Day night for their homecoming when his van was pulled over by MD police officers at 9:15PM for allegedly speeding. When they approached the van the officers detected a strong marijuana odor. They discovered a grinder that was used to crush the weed. I know the police felt like they won the lotto, because this was enough leverage to arrest himI Am the Police!. They were so happy and giddy that they insisted on taking a picture with him and allegedly float it around the Internet. The rapper tweeted out, “Locked me up and then wanted pictures smh (shaking my head). 

Why did Two Chains took the picture with them? DeclineWe don’t know! I guess the officers have the picture on their refrigerators to show their family.  

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