Queens Stand Up: Guess Which Queens Hip Hop MCs linked up to form a rap group?

They said that New York hip hop artists were divided and can’t work together. Well three well-known Queens Hip Hop artists are about to prove that wrong. There’s a new queens rap group that consist of some of the most popular and underrated artist in the Hip Hop game called, Queens The HardWay. The members of the group are Mr. Cheeks of Lost Boyz, Mic Geronimo, and Royal Flush. Check out their first single off their self-titled album, “Radio”.

I know that most of the readers are familiar with Mr. Cheeks, but if you don’t remember Mic Geronimo or Royal Flush here are of their hit songs back in the 90s. Check out Ja Rule and Irv Gotti in the videos. To all of the 90s babies this is where they started from. You will also notice that Nore made a cameo back in the days on Royal Flush’s video if you pay attention to it. 

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