Proposition Joe dies in his apartment!

Black Urban Media is sorry to announce that Robert F. Chew, aka Proposition Joe from the blockbuster HBO TV series, The Wire has passed away due to cardiovascular disease (in other words) obesity. He was found dead in his apartment. The Wire was a spectacular 5-season television series that kept people glue to the HBO channel until the entire DVD series was released. The show portrayed the gritty drug trafficking scene in Baltimore, MD. In spite of the negative stereotypes the film provided a message to the viewers that there is no honor amongst thieves. However, I feel that the Wire is for young adults who are not impressionable and can take the show for what it is.

The Wire was also one of the primary shows that starred the well-known British Actor, Idris Elba. He played “Stringer Bell” a sophisticated, but ruthless drug underboss for the infamous Barksdale drug cartel. Check out a scene from one of the episodes of The Wire below.

If you’re a fan of the HBO series, The Wire, and you are short on a season you can pick up a copy below. If you are new to The Wire now is your chance to find out what the hype was all about.

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