PowerNomics by Dr. Claude Anderson

Dr. Claude Anderson author of PowerNomics, Black Labor White Wealth

Dr. Claude Anderson author of PowerNomics, Black Labor White Wealth

If you watched the blockbuster independent documentary, Hidden Colors 2, you should know Claude Anderson knows how to lay the economic blueprint to save the financial state of the black community. He’s been in the game trying to teach the black community of how to regain a financial power structure with his plan. It shouldn’t be a surprised that the black dollar is hardly circulated throughout our community with all of the asian restaurants, dry cleaners, nail salons, Middle Eastern delis and small grocery shops, and Hispanic (well…. technically they are black people who speak spanish) delis and salons. Check out this old radio interview that was conducted by the Rosie Show. 

If you want to expand your economic knowledge and understanding the financial state of our community you can purchase his books below.

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