Nigerian couple create African themed dolls for their children

Nigerian Creates African themed dolls

Nigerian Creates African themed dolls


A Nigerian couple from England have decided to create a doll-line called, “Rooti Dolls“. The purpose of Rooti Dolls is to help black children stay connected to their heritage. The couple started to become concern about losing touch of their African heritage when they became conscious of the fact that Igbo, one of the languages in Nigeria. 

Quotes from the Nigerian couple Chris and Ada Ngoforo.

“Over the years my wife and I have found it extremely hard finding real black dolls that can truly connect with our little daughters,” Chris says. “The dolls out there in the market are nothing close to the real image of a black child in terms of features and other attributes — they are either too thin, too light or chiseled-faced, and even the complexions of most of the dolls are kind of whitewashed,” says Ngoforo.

The dolls are programed to speak in several different African native languages.

There are 12 different dolls representing different African countries.

One of the goals for the dolls is to eradicate the stereotype and provide a more proud and prestigious representation of black people. 

For decades the Barbie doll only represented the white ethnicity in the toy market throughout the world. The black community complained about it over the years, but has nothing about it; until now. 

Black Urban Media salutes the Ngoforos for their business venture. If you are interested in supporting them by purchasing the Rooti Dolls you are just one click away

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