New Jersey Police Officers Are Being Investigated For Gangster Rap Video


Looks like the rapper, “Rick Ross” isn’t the only one who went from an officer to a gangster rapper. Rapper Gat The Great, whose real name is Officer Maurice Gattison and president of the Irvington police union in New Jersey has decided to be a police officer by day and a gangster rapper by night.

There is an investigation on these fellow officers in regards to the content and alleged lifestyle the officers live in when they take down the badge. 

Chances are that these rappers don’t live the lifestyle that they portray like most rappers. However, this could possibly be an undercover operation to infiltrate the alleged street rappers lifestyles that are currently hot in the Hip Hop industry such as Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Young Money artists, and more. It could be a sting operation. Anything is possible with the police department. We already know about the Hip Hop Police that is out there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they conspired this operation. 

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