Movie Trailer: White House Down (Jamie Fox stars as the president)


Not to be confused with the action movie, “Black Hawk Down”, “White House Down”, is a movie that illustrates the demise of the White House building in D.C. Jamie Foxx plays the president of United States of America and tries to survive the most-brutal attack ever towards the White House infrastructure. 

How many people feel that it’s ironic that a movie like this would come out after Barack Obama’s re-election for his second term? Is Hollywood trying to tell us something subliminally? I’m sure all of the illuminati experts are going to have a ball deciphering all of the hidden messages of this one. 


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3 thoughts on “Movie Trailer: White House Down (Jamie Fox stars as the president)

  1. Hi Blackurbanmedia,
    Interesting Thoughts, While I was watching random trailers on YouTube at my cousin’s house, I saw a trailer of a movie about a white child that wanted to play cricket & he was next door neighbors with a black family who’s father played cricket & was really good at it. The family had a daughter that he befriended and his family did not like him hanging with the black family. I forgot the name of the movie can anybody please tell me the name of the movie?
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  2. Dear Blackurbanmedia,
    Thanks for that, I saw a trailer for it on tv a few years ago. I remember a line from the trailer. The girl(presidents daughter) says,” I live in the big white house on ****** street you can’t miss it!” and when the guy found out it was the white house he says,” HOLY CRAP IM GOING OUT WITH THE PRESIDENTS DAUGHTER!” please no guessing. I wanna know the real movie. I think it was somewhere near 2005.

  3. Hello Blackurbanmedia,
    I know what you mean, I remember in the trailer I saw, somebody said “The White House doesn’t seem quite as white”.

    At the time, I had no interest in seeing it, but now I’d like to see it and find out if they came anywhere close to predicting how Obama’s term at President came out.
    All the Best