Money and Violence Season 2 coming soon


Yup, yup! The wait is almost over as these brooklyn-bred brothers are going to give their views what they need as they push season 2 of the street-gritty and grimey Money and Violence series. This independent film that was available on YouTube is taking it to another level as they scored a deal with Tidal to exclusively stream the season through their site. This is definitely a good look for them, because brooklyn-bred hip hop legend is tied to the innovative online streaming site. 

I am personally a big fan of the series and wish these brothers more success as they take their brand to another level. 

They invested $40,000 to create the first season that is available on YouTube to watch. This independent film caught the eyes of numerous urban markets and entities. 

These Brooklynites are prime examples of how grind pays!

You can watch the Power 105 Breakfast Club interview where they discuss the details of season 2.

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