Meek Mill and Cassidy Beef. Where’s the Philly brotherly love?


Hip Hop is considered the most competitive genre of music in our era. The Cassidy and Meek Mill beef is no exception. Cassidy is hot artist in spite of the fact that he’s not on a major label and this is a good opportunity to increase the publicity for him. According to his prior interviews, he made it clear that he did not instigate this rival and the tension was cause by some questionable tweets Meek made in regards to him. Both of them responded to each through the following songs; “Raid”, by Cassidy and “Repo”, by Meek Mills.

I’ll leave everyone to judge who had the best diss song. When tracks are being put out about another artist of course there will be interviews that will have the rappers rebuttal towards how everything started. 

I feel that Cassidy is a better lyricist than Meek Mill and he’s definitely a battle rapper. What sets Cassidy apart is that he’s able to battle rap and he put out hit records that blew up like, “I’m a Hustler” and “Hotel”(*note* Only a very small number of battle/freestyle hip hop artist that can do this). Unfortunately, Cassidy doesn’t have a financial machine like Meek Mill does. He has access to some of the hottest beats to put behind his lyrics and that’s what makes people pay attention to your music. Unfortunately, being a dope lyricist isn’t enough to top the charts in the Hip Hop industry. Is it going to end up like a Biggie and Tupac situation? I don’t think so! Black Urban Media knows that this is just going to be on wax and nothing further. Cassidy sounds like a guy that has evolved from all of that and is about his family. We feel that he kept it 100 in his interview about the whole situation and cleared up certain rumors. Let’s hope that they squash all of this and put out some music together. 

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