Lord Jamar Giving The Raw


Brand Nubian’s, Lord Jamar, makes another appearance on Vlad TV as he express his views and enlighten the black community on how we are the pioneers of all cultures. 

Black people are the producers and the seed planters of all cultures on the planet Earth, so all cultures are accustomed to taking from the Black man’s vernacular, science and way of life and adapting it to themselves…that’s why a lot of s*** we do can be related to by everybody. – Lord Jamar (VladTV –  Published July 7th 2015)

He also spoke out about Tom Hank’s son who goes by the rap moniker, “Chet Haze”, in regards to him saying the word “n****a” in his rap lyrics. The irony of the subject was that Vlad pointed out that they booked studio time for his interview and he abruptly cancelled  the last minute when he was suppose to defend his views on the word. Vlad clearly lost respect for Chet Haze for rudely cancelling his interview as he expressed his feelings during the interview.

In regards to people using the n word there has been years of controversy and questioning on who has the right to say it. Lord Jamar provides his two cents:

Let’s just say we all stop saying n**** today. Is that going to stop poverty or crime?

Lord Jamar is definitely on of the All-Star interviewees on Vlad TV and you will see why as hold’s nothing back from us!


Check out the brother’s music as well!

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