Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian speaks out against Hip Hop male figures in dresses!

Male Model In A Dress

We expressed our concerns in regards to the attempts to make black men wearing dressing a trend by incorporating it in the Hip Hop industry and now in the model industry. If you check out our prior article, Black Men In Dresseswe discussed who was trying to bring this trend out within the Hip Hop industry.

Fortunately, a member from the Hip Hop group, Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar ain’t feeling it! He expressed his opinions on his interview with DJ Vlad of Vlad TV.

This is a very important message for our black male adolescence to hear in regards to what’s going on behind the scenes of Hip Hop. For all of my 90s babies, if you are not familiar with Lord Jamar and Brand Nubian here one of their hit singles, Punks Jump Up To Get Beatdown and Don’t Let It Go To Your Head.

How many people are feeling what Lord Jamar is saying?



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