Justice for a Black Man in Bronson, Florida

Eric Oliver defended his family from a white lynch mob.

Eric Oliver defended his family from a white lynch mob.

Over the past 2 years Florida has been notorious for its racial attacks against the black community Trayvon Martin’s death under the hand of George Zimmerman is one of the most infamous incidents, then a white male who shot a group of black teenagers inside their SUV, because he allegedly felt threatened. I am proud to announced that a black man has received justice in the predominately white neighborhood of Bronson, Florida.

On June 12th, 2012, Eric Oliver had to defend his family from a white lynch mob marched to their house demanded that they send out his younger brother. He heroically fought off the mob, but the police had the nerve to arrest him instead of the mob and placed a $100,000 bond for his release. He was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.Embarrassed

Eric’s mother contacted the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) in St. Petersburg, Florida in order to fight this battle for her son’s freedom and justice for their family. For 2 months the organization, family and friends were working together to make sure put enough pressure on the state to drop the charges. They demanded the following.

  • All charges against Eric Anthony Oliver must be dropped and a public apology made to him for this frame up
  • Reparations must be paid to Eric Anthony Oliver for his frame-up and incarceration
  • All officers associated with this arrest must be fired for this frame up
  • An immediate investigation of the Levy County Sheriff’s Department and State Attorney William Cervone concerning their treatment of the black community in Levy County must be held

Ironically, Bronson is just 20 miles away from Rosewood, the site of the 1923 massacre where white lynch mobs brutally executed dozens of African people and burned down the entire town. You check out Uhuru News for more information about this story.

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