Hidden Colors 2 – One of the Top Independent Documentaries films


Hidden Colors 2 has turned out to be one of the most highly anticipated and in-demand DVD that has it the market. If you are not familiar with one of the most no-holds-barred documentary that educates the world about the contributions Africans have contributed throughout the world here is a brief video clip of what entails in this film.

The purpose of the documentary series of Hidden Colors is based on the name itself. Most  of the people who already viewed this film in the movie theaters are aware that they wouldn’t have learned this level of African history in the public school system. The irony of the some of astonishing and informative historians and scholars is that they have been kept from the public eyes for over decade, because of the knowledge they possess and how they can deliver it to touch the soul of the black community. Personally, I knew some of the topics and historical facts pertaining to the early African presence in America and throughout the world from my studies in African history during my college years, but this film has increased it. I totally co-sign the Hidden Colors series to become a collection in your DVD library. This also applies to all races, because it is our history at the end of the day. The white community should not feel threatened by the film, but utilize it as an educational tool to understand what really went on thousands of years ago contrary to the forces who try to keep it hidden and masked.

Here is another clip that discusses the real purpose of the prison system in America:

The woman who is speaking about the prison system, Michelle Alexander, breaks the prison system down and how it railroads black and hispanic men in her book, The New Jim Crow. This film will educate you about the early African presence in Europe, Asia, Mexico, Australia, India, Hawaii, and the Americas. Hidden Colors is a documentary film that will make you want to slap your public school history teacher. 

You can purchase Hidden Colors 1 & 2 by going to Amazon by clicking on the links below.


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4 thoughts on “Hidden Colors 2 – One of the Top Independent Documentaries films

  1. Hi Blackurbanmedia,
    Thanks for the info, Please be honest, I need truthful opinions to get better.

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    So what do you think. I know it’s long, but please answer my question. 10 points to the 1st really good answer.

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