Ed Lover talks about Rachetness, Groupie Behavior and the Harlem Shake frenzy on C’mon Son

Ed Lover C'mon Son


Black Urban Media wants to give a shout out to Ed Lover and his hilarious, keepin’ it 100, C’mon Son video skits. I usually check them out at his YouTube channel. I’ve been a fan of Ed Lover since he was on Power 105. Check out his latest video skit as he talks about all of the continuous and blatant rachet behavior of some of the women on reality tv, groupie behavior, and the Harlem Shake frenzy 

I don’t know if Rich Dollaz is pretending to like Erica or he’s really sprung, but I definitely agree with what he said about that Harlem Shake frenzy that’s currently a hot video trend. You read my post by scrolling up to the Harlem Shake frenzy link.

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