What did you think about Django Unchained?

Django Unchained

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When Quentin Tarantino introduced the move Django Unchained the brief summarization of it would have beenintriguing to the black community to watch a former African slave hunt down the white man who took his wife from him. The theme of the movie would be a catch 22 to the black conscious community due to the fact of how relationship Django’s wife, Broomhilda, played by Kerry Washington, and her slave master who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The title of the movie will make some black people gawk, because Django Unchained makes the main character of the movie seem like a caged beast that was freed.

There were a few hollywood figures who were disgusted with the film. Spike Lee expressed his feelings about the film as disrespect to his ancestors if he watched it. According to the grapevine, Nate Parker was disgusted with the movie when he read the script for it. 

The media and Hollywood are trying to promote this movie, but it raises the eyebrows on well-known public figures who displays and advocated pride for their African roots and culture. My opinion of the concept of Django Unchained is questionable. I wonder what encouraged Quentin Tarantino to come up with this kind of movie. There are numerous black films that depicted a positive image of blacks overcoming obstacles to rise above racism and to become successful, but they don’t receive any marketing, promotion, and funding for it.

How many people watched and enjoyed Django Unchained? How many people had a bad taste in their mouths in regards to the concept of the film?

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