Dr. Umar Johnson discusses the pros and cons of Polygamy

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If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Umar Johnson, the most demanded and underrated clinical within the African diaspora. Umar Johnson is an unapologetic black activist figure who has travelled throughout the world to inform the black community about the corrupt pharmaceutical industry’s agenda to profit off of giving dangerous prescription medication to young black children to control their alleged behavior problems in schools throughout the world. He takes the time out to conduct a 2 1/2 hour interview with Blog Talk Radio host T’Malkia Seriaiah Zuri ofDynasty Network Global Radio where he talks about how polygamy is about reconditioning the black family structure oppose to the pre-assumption that it’s about getting smash numerous wives.

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How many ladies are feeling the concept of polygamy now that it’s been broken down. If you are familiar with Dr. Umar he has a book that came out on February 1st, called the Psycho-Academic Holocaust, The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys. You can order the book at his website, www.drumarjohnson.com

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One thought on “Dr. Umar Johnson discusses the pros and cons of Polygamy

  1. Dr. Umar Johnson’s words would resemble my own in this passage.

    Please give your comments, stories, and experiences with such things.

    “Mis-education begins at birth. The first day of life for Black children is when they become subjected to self-hatred and self-hating messages about themselves. They are also receiving messages about themselves that is directly or indirectly coming from the dominant culture. And so from the first day that they enter this world, the mis-education and the self-hatred training towards our babies begin. It intensifies in preschool because in preschool, for those that send their children to preschool, this is the first time that the Black boy comes face to face with the institutions of the American social order where he is expected to conform to the expectations from individuals who don’t care about him, who don’t know him, who don’t love him. In preschool and in kindergarten, for the first time, you are being given orders by people who care nothing about you. And on that note, last year, we had a record number of Black kindergarten boys – 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds who were expelled from kindergarten. Now, what can a 5-year-old boy do, what can he do to earn him an expulsion from kindergarten? In the 90’s, a policy of “Zero Tolerance” began to be implemented in the public schools. Zero Tolerance says that we are going to have zero tolerance for anyone who threatens or actually commits harm to anyone. Every school district in America functions under this ruling where they expel Black boys by the dozens for doing what – for reacting to disrespectful behavior by White folks and other teachers in the classroom.”