Crips and KKK unite???????


We know what you all are thinking! Why would a predominant black street gang team up with the most notorious white supremacist organization in history the Ku Klux Klan. Well the purpose was to protest against another KKK rally in Memphis, TN.  

According to protest organizer, Dajuan Horton, it was a counter-protest to combat racism with non-violence. The irony of this is that Dajuan Horton is black man who is a part of the Grape Street Crip set. ????? We know everyone… According to one of the Grand Wizards of the KKK, he claims that there are fake KKK groups that exist throughout the country that is giving the klan a bad name.

How many people feel there is some hidden agenda from the KKK’s end on this collaboration with the Grape Street Crips of Memphis. Do you believe that there are fake KKK members that is the cause of all of the racial mayhem?



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