Cam’ron gets engaged to his longtime girlfriend!

Camron gets engaged to Juju

Camron gets engaged to Juju

Looks like Cam’s decided to retire his pimp status as he proposed to his ride-or-die girl, Juju, when he rapped to her, “Hey Ma” (Cam’ron), “What’s up?” (Juju), “Do you wanna be wiiiife!” (Cam’ron). Lol…. Just joking Black Urban Media doesn’t know how it went down, but it is official that Cam’ron is making it official with her. 

Cam definitely kept there relationship on the low after all these years of their on-and-off status. He’s lived life to the fullest and it’s time to settle down…. well we’re sure he’s going to be living regardless. It’s great to see that he realized that he has someone that’s down for him even when he’s not in the mainstream like he use to. Let’s see if Santana will wife up Kimbella next.

If you want to skip down memory lane listen to one Cam’ron’s songs, Hey Ma, from his Come Home With Me album. Click on the audio player below to listen to Hey Ma! 

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