California Man Used An Alligator-Like Reptile To Guard Weed Stash

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For all of the street dudes that plot on robbing drug dealers of their stash might think again. Some people use guns, dogs, alarms, and ALLIGATORS! Well actually a Caiman. You don’t believe me? 

In Northern California, a probation officer made a gruesome discover during his routine probation check of 32-year-old Assif Mayar of Castro Valley, CA. When the Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies entered his home they discovered $100,000 worth of marijuana and 5-foot-long Caiman inside a Plexiglass tank in a bedroom. Caimans are usually found in the wetland regions of Central and South America and close relatives of alligators.

Obviously, Assif was arrested and charged with one count of possessing marijuana for sale and faces possession of an exotic animal without a permit. Assif claims that he got the Caiman to commemorate rapper Tupac Shakur’s 1996 death!? I guess that must have been some good greenery he had that caiman protect! 

Unfortunately, the Caiman, who was called, “Mr. Teeth”, died shortly after it was taken to the Oakland Zoo for examination. 

The staff at Black Urban Media can’t make this story up. LOL…. Check out the Atlanta Journal Constitution for more details. 

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