Black Urban Media presents the debut of the Romance/Crime Novel Seduction


  1. If you’re a fan of the hit television series, Sex and the City, you are going to love, Seduction
  2. If you’re into a love, sex and money you’re going to love Seduction. 
  3. If you love reading a novel that makes you feel like you are glued to the television watching an intense, suspenseful, dramatic soap opera, you are going to.. (you can fill in the rest)

Seduction is a novel that has the right blend of romance, drama, and crime. It’s a fictional story that takes place in the high-end suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. In this book you can envision yourself in the city of Atlanta and what it entails. The main characters in the book are Sabrina Matheson, an art curator and Ty Williams a businessman/martial artist.

Bewitchingly beautiful Sabrina Matheson is a respected, professional, African American woman who has dedicated herself to her career. As chief art curator at a noted Atlanta gallery, she arranges shows, writes proposals for funding, and finds new artists. She enjoys enormous success until her boss files a lawsuit against her for a crime she had no part in committing. In the beginning of her career, Sabrina meets Tyrone Williams. Tyrone is a handsome man who is co-owner of a popular membership gym called Punchbag Fitness. Although there is an immense age difference between the both of them, they share a fiery relationship that has been going on for twelve years. Tyrone has been unfaithful to Sabrina many times, though she is the woman he truly loves. The romance in this novel is indulgent and all absorbing. Tyrone and Sabrina enjoy all the pleasures of the senses, in both Atlanta and tropical destinations far away. Lulled into a sensual swoon, Sabrina gives her heart to Tyrone without a thought as to what he may be hiding. Sabrina and Tyrone recognize each other on a soul level though they do not articulate this, and truthfully are a divine match. When Tyrone develops true feelings for Sabrina, their connection is tested and both will need to make sacrifices to continue this relationship. The beginning of the novel places Sabrina in court because her boss, Miranda Halleck, believes she laundered money for Tyrone’s illegal business. According to the court complaint, Sabrina deliberately helped a group of criminals buy art for the purpose of laundering profits from his fraudulent loan company. Sabrina is innocent, though she stands accused. In the course of this trial and in their private lives, these ardent lovers will have to face cold truths and make hard decisions. Loyalties are tested and sacrifices must be made. 

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