Black Struggle in Indonesia

Unfortunately, the struggle for freedom and equality for black people still continues throughout the world and Asia is no exception. This video clip takes place in West Papua were the black community is trying to fight for their independence.

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One thought on “Black Struggle in Indonesia

  1. Norther Ireland is one example

    would east tumor have gained freedom from indonesia if their fretelin fighters did not go ahead with Guerrilla attacks on indonesian soldiers who were killing timorese people?

    Would the Black people of south africa have freed themselves from Apartheid if the ANC did not start an armed struggle?

    Inflicting harm on any humanbeing is wrong , and while the morals of this armed struggles can be debated for ever , dont you think its the legitimate right of occupied people to use it as a means to free themselves ?

    Could this apply to countries such as iraq and Afganistan and its people too?