Black Positivity: New Music from Tray Channey aka Poot from the Wire, “Love of My Life”

Tray "Poot" Channey (HBO wire) and his wife.

Tray “Poot” Channey (HBO The Wire) and his wife.


If you are familiar with the HBO blockbuster hit The Wire, then you should know actor/rapper Tray Channey aka Poot. In spite of his gangster persona on The Wire Tray is loving family man who is happily married to his wife who has stuck by him before his ascending career path. Tray Channey has made a commitment to deliver positive images and messages for the black community. He has collaborated with another progressive black couple who operates a black media company called Tyler New Media to produce black films and videos. 

Black Urban Media is proud to present one of Tray Channey latest tracks that is dedicated to his wife called, “Love of My Life”. Click on the play button to listen.

Check his other music video based on an Anti-Bullying theme called, Mike Bully (Stand Up For Our Future).

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One thought on “Black Positivity: New Music from Tray Channey aka Poot from the Wire, “Love of My Life”

  1. Ola! Blackurbanmedia,
    Thanks for the info, I feel a bit more opened to show the music i listen to more than before, though i still feel shy showing music i listen to with some people.
    My friend likes Black Eyed Peas new song Just can’t get enough. I like the beginning a bit but don’t like the rest of the song really. I showed him Positivity by Black Eyed Peas and his response was “its old” with a sad yellow face, we were chatting online.
    It doesn’t seem like you really like music if you only like new music.
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