Black Men in Dresses

Men In Dresses

What’s up with this trend everyone? The first time I started seeing a black man wearing a dress, a skirt, or any woman’s attire was Kanye West with that white blouse from the Celine Spring 2011 collection.

We were all scratching our heads when we saw this one. Kanye West is known to like the spotlight and the attention, but this fashion statement was going to far.

Kayne West sports a woman's blouse from the Celine Spring 2011 Collection at the Coachella 2011 Festival


Fast Forward

On December 12, 2012 Kanye made another shocking fashion statement as he walked on the stage of the Hurricane Sandy concert wearing a leather skirt with leather leggings to compliment it.

12-12-12 Concert Benefiting The Robin Hood Relief Fund To Aid The Victims Of Hurricane Sandy  - Show









Harlem Rapper, A$AP Rocky, decides to step out in a dress that the average girl would get at Forever 21. He had the nerve to claim it was an oversized T-shirt. Do you believe him? Harlem has been known to be the city of trend setting, but this one is misrepresenting it.










 Wa…Wa…Wait There’s More!!!

Diddy wears a kilt during his tour with Dirty Money for MTV’s Crash Glasgow on September 2010

Diddy wears a kilt during his tour with Dirty Money for MTV’s Crash Glasgow on September 2010


Source: Orijin Culture Facebook fan page











This message is for the all of the young black males who in their impressionable stages. Please don’t follow this trend. A well-known under-rated black scholar by the name of Dr. Francis Cress Welsing explained this kind of trend was going to happen in the conquest to effeminize black men. She wrote one of the most controversial books that challenges white supremacy, The Isis Papers.

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2 thoughts on “Black Men in Dresses

  1. Our men are becoming more feminine. This movement or as they like to call it “fashion” needs to stop. All I see is a lack of masculinity.