Wendell Pierce actor from The Wire opens supermarket chain for residents of New Orleans
Black Urban Media presents the debut of the Romance/Crime Novel Seduction
White Supremacist gets irate once he discovers that he has African Ancestry
Diddy’s new Television Station Revolt TV is for the Independent artist
PowerNomics by Dr. Claude Anderson

Should Black People Get Reparations For Slavery


Share It’s no secret that history has should us how Europeans had benefited from enslaving black people for hundreds of years. Even though, that level of slavery has ended, numerous corporations and conglomerates have gained from it until this day. I would like to share Continue Reading →

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Dame Dash Goes In On The Media For Continuous Bashing of Black Celebrities


Share One thing about Damon Dash is that’s he never hold his tongue or compromise for no one and even on the day of his court date with his child’s mother he let the media have it. Dash articulately expressed his frustrations with mainstream media’s fixation Continue Reading →

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No more slave movies!


Share Say it with me everyone! “No more slave movies“  This is not an attempt to take anything away from the beautiful and elegant Lupita Nyong’O, but we have to admit that ever since we have a black president there have been more slave movies and Continue Reading →

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Leader of the Black Panther Party, Eddie Conway, is finally free from false imprisonment!


Share I know everyone happy that Lil’ Boosie is home! We would like to announce that another person that the black community should  embrace has been released. Marhsall “Eddie” Conway, the Minister of Defense of the Baltimore chapter of the Black Panther Party was released from prison for Continue Reading →

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Malcolm X’s daughter writes a children’s book based on her father


Share I am happy to announce that Malcolm X legacy will continue as his daughter has decided to publish a children’s book based on Malcolm’s childhood.  This is a great opportunity for black families who want to enrich their children in history of the great Malcolm Continue Reading →

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Tyler Perry Comes Out With His Own Talk Show


Share Tyler Perry is a media mogul that is making loud and clear that he’s not going away no time soon as he announces his upcoming talk show, The Tyler Perry Show. This isn’t a big surprise since he’s brought his shows to Oprah’s OWN channel Continue Reading →

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90s Hip Hop Apparel Cross Colours is making a comeback!


Share If you are my age you should definitely remember the urban fashion trends that were pioneered by black urban fashion designers such as Karl Kani, FUBU, Mecca, and now making a comeback after over 20 years, Cross Colours.  Yup! The 90s urban fashion company, Continue Reading →

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Samuel L Jackson puts news anchor on blast for mistaking him for Laurence Fishburne


Share Looks like a Los Angeles news anchor had to learn the hard way that not all black people look-alike, including celebrities. Samuel Jackson was on the news station, KTLA, when one of the anchors asked him a question that pertained to a Super Bowl commercial that Continue Reading →

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New Song: Free Again featuring 50 Cent and Fat Joe!!!!!

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 - Audience and Show

Share I know, I know, it shocked me too! I guess if these guys can squash their beef, so could everyone else. Check them out on there new single, Free Again.  Unfortunately, for Kanye West 50 Cent took some shots at him, but nuff’ said, Continue Reading →

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Check out the new documentary Elementary Genocide


Share If you don’t know, now you know! You probably know that one of the main purposes of increasing the prison population is much more than an alleged abundance of criminals, but for capitalistic reasons.  We have heard the stories and reports about private corporations Continue Reading →

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