Wendell Pierce actor from The Wire opens supermarket chain for residents of New Orleans
Black Urban Media presents the debut of the Romance/Crime Novel Seduction
White Supremacist gets irate once he discovers that he has African Ancestry
Diddy’s new Television Station Revolt TV is for the Independent artist
PowerNomics by Dr. Claude Anderson

Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Akia Gurley: When Marching Just Ain’t Enough!


Share After numerous slaps in the face by the US justice system for letting law enforcement harassing and blatantly kill our young black men the world is starting to become feed. What do we do? Plan a march, a couple of protests, and some social Continue Reading →

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Look Out For The New Independent Film, The Perceptions Project: Fun

Perceptions Project image

Share Black Urban Media is proud to present and inform our readers about indie film that is up and coming. The name of the film is called, “Fun”. “Fun” is set to shoot in Charlotte, NC in December of 2014. It was written by Stacey Continue Reading →

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17-Year-Old Black Male Found Hung In A North Carolina Trailer Park


Share With the infamous racially motivated violent and criminal acts against the black community there has been another tragedy that has been kept under wraps from national media attention.  On August 29, 2014, a body of a 17 year old black male was found hung Continue Reading →

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Alaskan News Reporter Charlo Greene Quits Her Job In The Name Of Mary Jane


Share   “Not Only She’s A Client She’s The Cannabis Club President” – (Biggie’s voice) It’s not a joke! Alaskan News Report Charlo Green is the owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. The Internet has gone wild since she announce her resignation live on air Continue Reading →

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The Things Hip Hop Artists Do For Attention!


Share The Hip Hop world is full of antics and drama, but the vast majority is made up for attention and increased records sales. A growing trend with a lot of artists is displaying or verbalizing homosexual innuendo. During an interview on Vlad TV with Continue Reading →

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Look Out For The Upcoming Urban Novel Not About That Life


Share After years of hundreds of publications from my blog sites I have finally completed on of my most favorable project yet, my first urban novel. It’s an urban fictional story about two brothers who grew up in the Southeast Queens neighborhood.  Here is a Continue Reading →

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What’s Really Going On In Ferguson!?


Share The madness in the St. Louis suburb, Ferguson, is escalating to the point of potential Marshall Law as military forces were sent throughout the area to subdue rightful protesters against the injustice of Michael Brown.  The alarming questions we have to ask ourselves is why Continue Reading →

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New Documentary based on corruption that takes place in black churches


ShareIf you are an avid church goer and you make your weekly tithe contributions you might have second thoughts on where your contributions are going towards. We have heard all of the allegations on how pastors are living lavishly off the support of their congregation’s Continue Reading →

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Dr. Umar Johnson is on a mission to purchase a school for our children!


Share Update: He currently has 8 more days to raise $5 million dollars, before the St. Paul’s College is auctioned off. FEMA has its eyes on the property to turn it to a building for immigrants, so if goes to auction we will miss out Continue Reading →

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Nas gives back as he launches his new college scholarship program


Share One of Hip Hop’s most elite, Nas, is giving back to youth as he launches a new scholarship program for college graduates who are transitioning into the workforce.  The Queensbridge rapper has partnered with a Seattle-based company, Koru, to help secure a full-time job that Continue Reading →

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